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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are to be read carefully as it contains details pertaining to this provider, ManiCures for Moms. Acceptance of these terms and conditions serve as an agreement between the participant and this provider. For successful consideration of this electronic entry form submission, full and accurate completion of this e-form is required. Entries must include e-signature and the checking off of the “Accept” box. Only one entry per person will be considered. Not all entries will be considered for qualification based on terms outlined below. Entries can only be made by mothers who parent at least one child. Minors (under the age of 18) must have the consent and assistance of their parent/legal guardian to make an entry. Entry forms with inaccurate or missing information will not be processed. Submission of an entry form is an attestation, warranty and representation that the participant has the authority and mental capacity to agree to the terms and conditions of this event. Continued use of or participation in this event will be deemed as acceptance and agreement to all of these terms. If a participant does not wish to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement, no entry form should be submitted nor applicable service(s) should be sought.


Electronic entries and e-signatures carry full legal authority just as if conducted or transacted on paper. Participants agree that all transactions or services provided in person or electronically online are legally binding. After clicking the “Accept” box, participants agree to accept all of these terms and conditions as an agreement between this provider and the participant. This provider reserves the right to modify, amend or update the terms and conditions of this event at any time without restriction. It is the participant’s responsibility to keep track of pertinent updates, correspondence, emails, dates or deadlines, website updates and/or these terms to ensure successful redemption of items promised. As a condition of this entry, participants are solely responsible to keep track of any instructions related to this event and notify this provider of any issue(s)/error(s). Participants must complete entry forms with accurate identifiable information in order to redeem the gift, product or service as promised. This provider possesses the legal authority to verify the eligibility of entry submissions made by each participant online and/or via phone.

Participates agree to the terms of this event, through the completion of an online entry form with e-signature. This includes the agreement to use, access, and participate in this online transaction out of their own free will. Entries must be submitted in a manner that is consistent and does not violate applicable laws, rules and/or regulations. Participation in this event through completion of this online entry transaction and/or services are subject to federal and state laws, regulations and/or rules. This also includes the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

Availability of Supply

Items and/or service(s) promised will be given on a first come, first serve basis, while supplies/services last. A set reserve of entries is required in order for this event to be carried out to completion. If this undisclosed amount is not met, this ManiCures for Moms event may be cancelled at anytime. This provider also reserves the right to cancel this event at anytime for any reason. In the event that this event has been cancelled, this provider will not be obligated to carry out tasks and/or distribute items/services as initially intended and advertised. Participation in this event is an automatic indication that recipient(s) comprehend and agree to these conditions and rules. Participants will also not hold this provider nor it’s partners responsible or liable when the supply of item(s)/services promised run out of stock. This provider reserves the right to refuse or terminate this event, an entry form and/or therapeutic services at any time for any reason without restriction or reservation. Entries made by participates are meant to serve as a one-time event. A therapeutic relationship can be established depending on the participants interest, willingness to engage in counseling as well as level of need that meets the criteria of medical necessity. This provider can either deliver behavioral health counseling services or refer the participant to another agency/organization.


Consent to Participation

The successful submission of an electronic entry form serves as an individual’s automatic consent to participate in this event. Participants also consent to communication and mental health consultation service(s) from this provider. This provider will initiate efforts of outreach through either a phone call or an additional qualifying e-Form. This provider will also take appropriate measures to determine eligible participants through the verification of the potential recipient’s existence and identity. The outreach event will also serve as a brief opportunity for participants to receive a mental health wellness consultation by a licensed professional. Mental health consultations usually review the participants behavioral health needs as well as relevant topics about public health. Therefore, participation through the submission of an entry form with an e-signature serves as automatic consent to treatment if the provider and/or recipient deems it necessary. Additional counseling sessions can be scheduled if the participant meets the criteria of medical necessity. Depending on the provider’s availability and capacity to take new cases, this provider can facilitate these sessions.  Referrals can also be made to a different service provider when it has been determined that the provider has reached capacity.

Routine counseling sessions are not a requirement for participation in this event. Mental health counseling includes comprehensive assessment(s), treatment planning, weekly psychotherapy sessions, family consultations, communication with collateral providers, the review of psych-education materials/worksheets, community resources as well as referrals to higher levels of care. The resources and advice provided during the initial consultation is primarily meant for educational and informational purposes. Again, a commitment to multiple therapy sessions is not a requirement for participation in this event. However, a commitment to regularly engage in counseling therapy would be required to solicit an accurate professional opinion of presenting symptoms, diagnosis and treatment planning from a behavioral health professional. All supports and resources utilized by this provider are delivered in good faith, with benevolent intention, in a manner consistent with applicable laws and ethical standards.


Electronic Waiver, Release of Liability & Indemnity

Involvement in this event, is optional. This provider benevolently intends to carry out all tasks as promised and advertised for the successful execution of this event. Participants will be handled with care by licensed nail technicians and/or manicurists. Participation in this event is an indication that recipients agree to release and hold this provider including it’s partners harmless from any and all forms of liability and risk. This release of liability will take effect during the periods of contact made (1) presently, (2) in the future and (3) retroactively, from the first day of service contact. All items and/or services will be obtained from 3rd party vendors. However, this provider does not accept responsibility for any risk associated with the appearance, performance or long-term consequence(s) of the products or services delivered. Participants agree to relinquish this provider from all forms of liability or risk in the event of the following: (1) Adverse effects experienced by the participant and/or others during or after the manicure service has been completed. (2) If the manicure has been found to be defective or harmful during or afterwards. (3) Unsatisfactory appearance or condition of the manicure after the service has been delivered. (3) Unsatisfactory application of manicure during or after the service has been completed. (4) If the service has been cancelled or stopped in the process of the manicure application. (5) If the original manicure style has been changed to a different, yet similar appearance than what was initially promised. (6) If the environment of the nail salon becomes unsafe or unsanitary during the manicure. (7) If a natural disaster were to occur within the community or if  other participants/customers were to become unruly. (8) If the manicure voucher is lost or stolen and/or redeemed by another party for any reason.

This provider and/or it’s partners will not be held liable or responsible to another third party or participants for (1) errors related to these online transactions, electronic or telephonic communication, malicious coding, computer viruses and/or technical compatibility issues. (2) Any errors, issues or flaws related to these online transactions. (3) Misuse, unauthorized access by another third party website/vendor, difficulty or inability for either party to utilize or access the entry form. (4) Inappropriate, incomplete, unauthorized or illegal use of the entry form and subsequential communication via phone/email by any party. (5) Incomplete and/or inaccurate information/data provided on these entry forms by the provider or participant. (6) Any error in processing, printing, storing, ineffective destruction or deletion of participant information on forms entries, and/or inaccurate delivery of material goods/services promised. This provider will not be held responsible or liable for damages whether indirect, direct, special, compensatory, consequential, incidental, exemplary or punitive suffered by participant(s). Participants agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless this provider and it’s partners against any losses, risks, damages, fines, penalties, expenses, retaliation, negative reviews, claims, judgments and costs (including attorneys fees) incurred as a result of a breach, misuse of this agreement or any issues pertaining to faulty online transaction systems or product presentation. This provider reserves the right to deny access or service to anyone at any time, with or without cause.

Participants access and utilize event entry forms, provider websites and/or social media at their own risk and discretion. This provider does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of non-provider related websites, search engines and/or third party organizations. This includes content, services, transactions, and information that has been performed, accessed or conducted in an effort to submit an entry form successfully. This provider disclaims and relinquishes any warranty or representation, implied or expressed as to any service or transaction and/or data, information and/or materials accessible on or through this provider. Services, content and online transactions of this provider are available on an “as is” basis. Participants will not hold this provider nor it’s partners responsible or liable in the event of data loss by either party. This includes the deletion, omission, or modification of participant data caused by malicious means such as computer or smart phone viruses, spyware, code destructive properties or elements. This also includes faulty computer or smart phone systems (software/hardware) utilized by the participant or the provider and/or their third party partners. Participants will remain personally responsible to follow up and follow through with this event at their discretion to ensure a successful entry submission. Participants will be solely responsible to utilize appropriate and sufficient devices, mechanisms, procedures and software/hardware to meet these requirements.

It is a requirement that participants including winning recipients consent to the publication of their testimony and/or photo for this event. This provider will not be held responsible for risk or liability associated with the publicity of this event. To increase transparency, compliance with applicable laws and encourage an increase in consumer participation in services offered, this event will be publicized. Therefore, participation in this event is an indication that the recipient has freely consented to be utilized for all of the following: (1) social media (2) provider website (3) online reviews (4) News Broadcasting Stations (5) print (6) any other medium of publicity this provider finds to be appropriate to advance the mission of this organization. Through involvement in this event, all contestants automatically agree to (1) have their photo/video taken and publicized (2) allow the disclosure of their identity (3) leave a positive review and/or testimony of this provider. Participants release all liability and will hold this provider harmless including it’s partners if recognized by other participants, relatives and/or community members. Recipients selected for publication will be at this provider’s discretion.  Therefore, consent does not guarantee that all participants will be selected for this purpose. In the event that winners must redeem an service/item in a public setting, all participants agree to not and/or avoid disclosure of the identity of other participants or winning recipients. This provider will not be held responsible or liable for the disclosure of the identity of any participants if services, gifts/items are distributed in a public setting.

This provider has enlisted the assistance of third parties that are licensed beauticians and/or manicurists. ManiCures for Moms nor it’s partners which include Archer Angels Family Services will not be held responsible for damage or physical harm resulting from a manicure or beauty service during this event. Manicures and beauty services are based on the expertise and skill of the third party manicurist. Therefore, all liability pertaining to the experience and result of the service are covered by the licensed manicurist. By agreeing to these terms and proceeding to receive a manicure, you the participant agree to hold this provider and it’s partners harmless as well as absolved from all risk, harm and liability.

Assignment & Updates

Participants cannot assign this agreement to another party. Only this provider reserves the right to re-assign forfeited items or services to another participant who’s entry was received and qualified successfully. Participants agree to submit one online entry form for personal consideration. Recipients who successfully redeem a gift, product and/or service according to the rules of this event will do so at no charge. Recipients(s) who redeem a gift, service or physical product as promised are free to regift or sell the item after receiving it directly from this provider.

This provider reserves the sole discretion with or without notice to modify, amend as well as temporarily or permanently discontinue the contents/context of the products/services promised in this event. Participants and all that learn of these event are authorized to view and submit online entries solely. This provider owns all contents and materials therein which include this event. This provider does not permit nor allow any other party to modify, sell or distribute any materials, graphics, or information therein or utilize for public or commercial purposes. This provider is to be contacted directly in advance for written consent and authorization if necessary.



Any and all forms of misconduct will be grounds for disqualification of a participant’s involvement in this event. This provider reserves the right to terminate this event and/or a participant’s entry form as well as access with or without cause, at anytime. Participants may opt-out of this event by providing written notice to this provider.


By e-Signing this electronic entry form and by clicking the “Accept” box, each participant individually acknowledges that they comprehend, agree, and consent to all of the terms and conditions indicated above.

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